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What is Bold Brows?

Bold Brows

What is Bold Brows?

Bold Brows is a technique that became a massive trend today, also known by names such as bushy or fluffy eyebrows. Bold Brows lately became a very popular method for brow enhancement and beautification. The actual difference specific only to this technique is the definition of the hairs, that look kind of messy in a natural way giving the effect of a natural look and styled this way give a shape of totally untouched eyebrows. Reaching the bold brows desired effect is much more than just getting a thick, heavy eyebrow, which is the most frequent mistake when artists are trying to create bold brows.

How it is done?

Learn Bold Brows!

The “bold brow” look is in style, and many clients are going to seek out your services to have their eyebrows look this way. According to the latest trends, the move from shaped, manicured eyebrows to fuller-looking bold ones with a hint of an arch is an amazing way to achieve a fresher look. Taking into consideration that natural style is becoming more and more popular, we are dedicated to presenting this technique in the best possible way, so we created bold brows education, available both live and online.

Learn Bold brows
How to Boldbrows?
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Become a Microblading Artist

BoldBrows Training Course

Microblading & Nano shading Workshop.
Learn 4 techniques BoldBrows + Nanobrows + Hair strokes + Shading
2 days of theory & practice + 2 extra days for live models
Kit (optional) + online mentorship
Harmony PMU Academy Certificate

Become a Bold Brows Artist
Learn Microblading from the comfort of your home! Online Education via Harmony App

Upcoming Microblading Bold brows Events

  • Nanobrows Microblading April 14-15 Toronto
    Sat, Apr 15
    Harmony PMU Academy
    Looking to perfect your permanent makeup skills? Our 2-day live training is your chance to master the art of Nanobrow! Join us for an intensive and immersive learning experience, where you'll work alongside expert trainers and fellow artists to perfect your technique.
  • Nanobrow Microblading Online Course $800
    Online - Start Anytime
    Via Harmony
    Shayli Garmehie Online Training Learn it from your comfort zone! Introduction & Advanced Practice In The Skill Of Nanobrow/Boldbrows. #BoldBrows is an art Do you want to learn the technique that is revolutionizing the #Microblading world?
  • Nanobrows and Microblading March 2023
    Sat, Mar 11
    Harmony PMU Academy
    Two Days of Live Microblading and Nanobrows Course Training, March 11-12 2023. Unleash your creativity and take your beauty skills to the next level with our Microblading and Shading Eyebrows Training course in Canada. Learn from industry professionals
  • February PMU Training Schedule
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, Feb 18
    February 03-04 / Nano Strokes Workshop February 10-12 / Lip Blush & Eyeliner Workshop February 18-19 / Microblading & Shading Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your craft and stay ahead of the game.
  • Microblading & Shading Workshop 18 - 19 Feb
    Sat, Feb 18
    Unleash your creativity and take your beauty skills to the next level with our Microblading and Shading Eyebrows Training course in Canada. Learn from industry professionals and gain hands-on experience with the latest techniques and tools.
  • Boldbrows and Nano Stroke Master Class
    Fri, Feb 03
    Unleash your creativity and take your permanent makeup skills to the next level with our exclusive master class. Led by industry experts, this intensive training will teach you the latest techniques and trends in the field, giving you the confidence and know-how to take on any client.
Learn Bold Brows
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