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Become PhiBrows Organizer

Are you interested in becoming an Organizer to add on to your income?

Organizers are paid 400 EURO per day, per student. So for example, in a live PhiBrows Microblading Course with between 10-15 students, the organizer’s income (per course) would be 4,000 EURO – 6,000 EURO. Often, we return to cities where we have successful events several times per year.

“Keep in mind, as a new organizer, the first live course requires some investment, but then all future courses tend to be substantially more profitable.”

Also, becoming an organizer for Master Shayli is a great way to expose you to the amazing talents of our PhiBrows Masters and become involved with our organization and the PhiAcademy Company.

To apply to be an organizer, please send us an Email.

Courses Description

Phi Academy offers private and online as well as workshop trainings for BoldBrows Microblading that range from one day to several days. Most of our courses involve an academic portion where students sit at desks in a traditional classroom setting, followed by a practical portion during which students get the opportunity to work on a live model.

Organizers Responsibility

TV screen or the projector screen

Reliable internet connection

Tables and chairs to accommodate all students

Pencil sharpener


Baby wipes

Drinking water bottles, Refreshments such as soda or juice

Cups, plates, cutlery, napkins

Lunch for everyone (Confirmed with Trainers)

Coffee, Tea

Cotton rounds

Sharps container

Disposable lip gloss applicators

Disposable mascara applicators
Disposable bed covers

Treatment beds (could be portable massage tables) with stools

1 Portable light for each bed

1 Rolling tray per bed

Extension Cord

Alcohol in a spray bottles

Q tips

Disposable hair nets

Dental bibs

Disposable Face masks

Block Tonic wipes

Single edge razor blade


Bottles of hand sanitizer


Single edge razor blades

Saran Wrap or blue tattoo wrap

Hospital grade wipes that kills both virus, tuberculosis and bacteria

Call: +1-416-833-5696

Have a Question regarding this Education?

please call or email us

Shayli Garmehie is the first BoldBrows Master in Canada.
As a BoldBrows Master, I offer BoldBrows treatments, as well as private training and workshops for those who also wish to join PhiAcademy.
Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any

15221 Yonge st, #2 Aurora, ON L4G1L8 

(416) 833-5696

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