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become an organizer

Are you interested in becoming an Organizer for Master Shayli and organize training in your country?

Become an Organizer

Worldwide Organizer

Discover how to turn your organizing passion into a career

By contacting us, we will provide you with all details you need to know about the organization of training.

As an organizer for our training, you will achieve a high level of job satisfaction as you help students and Master to improve training quality.

There are a number of goals the organizer tries to achieve through this business.

The organizer should provide expertise in this field. You will be responsible to provide everything that is needed for one high-quality training.

Organize Training in your Country

Are you interested in becoming an Organizer to add on to your income?

Becoming an organizer for Master Shayli is a great way to expose you to the amazing talents of our PhiBrows Masters and become involved with our organization and the Harmony Academy Company.

This means doing your best work all the time, to meet our student's expectations.

It means following through on agreements and providing all the needed material on time.

It also involves a great deal of interaction with others, such as suppliers, salespeople, hotel management, etc…

Organizer provides students with information about training, which includes, where and when it is going to be held, but also provides the material needed for one microblading training.

Shayli Training Course Organizing
To apply to be an organizer, please complete the form or contact us. 
Whatsapp: +1 (416) 833-5696
Please complete the form 

Thanks for submitting!

Become An Organizer for all 4 Courses

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