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Permanent Lip Makeup


What is PhiContour?

PhiContour is a skill of semi-permanent drawing of eyelids or lips. The shape is calculated based on the golden intersection (Phi 1.618) and face morphology. The symmetry of lips is achieved by using the Harmony application. PhiContour offers different techniques to correct natural defects but also to highlight contours. These are in accordance with the aesthetic rules and not always with the client's desires. Our goal is to make corrections in colour and shape, without a heavy make-up effect.  In order to successfully perform the treatment, the skin must not be in the regeneration process, i.e. it must not be damaged. If there is eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, 

How it is done?

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The official certificate is only obtained if you successfully complete your work on the model. This depends exclusively on you, on your dedication, your exercise and however many hours of practice will show in the results of your work.

This method isn’t learned in a few days as many students may think. The average time to obtain the certificate is two or three months of continuous daily practice. In the workgroup, you will receive answers to all of your questions and doubts. You can send photos of your work, whether it’s on synthetic skin or on a model, and you will receive constructive feedback on your work. You will have the possibility of receiving a valuation of your work and you will also learn from the valuations of other fellow artists. This is helpful, as you can learn from other people’s work, too.

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PhiContour Training Course

Phicontour basic training is offered online and live classes by Harmony PMU Academy Master Shayli Garmehie.

Phicontour course is via an application on both online or live training. Once you complete all the levels you will receive a certificate and logo with the number recognized by Harmony Academy and eligible worldwide.

become a Phicontour Artist
PhiContour training
Learn Permanent Makeup from the comfort of your home! Online Education via Harmony App

Upcoming Permanent Makeup Events

  • Lip Blush Online  Course $800
    Lip Blush Online  Course $800
    Online - Start Anytime
    Via Harmony app
    Online - Start Anytime
    Via Harmony app
    Learn Lip Blush from Home, Online Education by Harmony PMU Academy Shayli Garmehie
  • Blush Eyeliner Perfection Online $800
    Blush Eyeliner Perfection Online $800
    Online - Start Anytime
    Online Via Harmony app
    Online - Start Anytime
    Online Via Harmony app
    Latest Permanent Makeup Trend Blush Eyeliner Shaded eyeliner gives a modern defined twist to traditional eyeliner, enhancing your eye's overall appearance. From Artist to Master Learn Blush Eyeliner Suitable for experienced artists Soft shading liner Baby ombre liner Soft shading
  • Lip Blush Workshop
    Lip Blush Workshop
    Sat, Jun 18
    Harmony PMU Academy
    Jun 18, 2022, 10:00 a.m. EDT – Jun 19, 2022, 8:00 a.m. EDT
    Harmony PMU Academy, Toronto, ON, Canada
    Become a Successful Permanent Makeup Professional. Learn Ombré Lips, Lip Blush, Powder Lips and Shaking up the PMU industry with new share all lip tattoo classes taught by experts
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  • Ombre Lips Shading is the Cosmetic Procedure on lips. by Master Shayli

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    3 hr 15 min

    600 Canadian dollars
  • Eyeliner Shading is the Cosmetic Procedure by Master Shayli

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    2 hr 15 min

    600 Canadian dollars

PhiContour Advantages

Lip Shading & Eyeliner

Eyeliner Classic
PhiContour Pigments
Lip Blushing

All treatments are done with sterile, hygienic and disposable tools that offer the clients the highest and safest standard

Eyeliner Magic Shading Tutorial by Master Shayli
Harmony Academy

Eyeliner Magic Shading Tutorial by Master Shayli