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Handsome-Man-Bushy-Brows-Microblading for Men

Microblading for Men

What is Microblading for Men?

Microblading men’s eyebrows is a treatment that is more focused on enhancing the natural shape of your eyebrows and making them appear fuller and fluffier. Our advice for men looking to try microblading is to stay away from the urge to add an arch to your eyebrow, as this will instantly make your face appear more feminine.

A confidence boost

The New Trend for 2022

If you have suffered hair loss as a result of illness or a condition like alopecia, then microblading your eyebrows can give you a confidence boost. Microblading is also an ideal way to cut down on grooming time, especially if you have eyebrows that you feel you need to brush into shape every day. It is also a great way to hide scarring around your eyes, and can naturally thicken your eyebrows if they’re on the thinner side.

Microblading for men
Can men microblade their eyebrows?

Can men microblade their eyebrows?

Microblading by Professional

It’s a myth that men don’t care about their appearance, especially in the age of Instagram and other social media.

You would be surprised by how many beauticians are microblading men’s eyebrows daily. While we often think of eyebrow treatments as being a woman’s beauty treatment, microblading is becoming increasingly popular amongst men who want to tame their bushy eyebrows. Microblading your eyebrows is the best way to keep them looking well-groomed and tailored.

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Men Brow Microblading

Is microblading for men?

Absolutely. It’s something that every man could benefit from trying. If you have thin eyebrows due to hair loss, microblading can give you the confidence boost that you need to make you feel great about your appearance. If you have eyebrows that look like they belong to a gorilla, then microblading can help make looked groomed and polished with minimal effort. Don’t let the idea that microblading is “just” for women put you off. The treatment is entirely gender-neutral, and more men are opting to have their eyebrows micro-bladed every year.
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Microblading for Men
  • Treatment Focused on enhancing the natural shape of your eyebrows

    1 hr 30 min
    500 Canadian dollars
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