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Perfection Boldbrows Online course

  • 18Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Master Class is designed for experienced artists to improve their microblading skills such as Shaping, colour correction, different spines, photo editing, social media and all other improvements you would need to learn from an expert. برای ارتیست های حرفه ای میکروبلیدینگ با تجربه طراحی شده است تا مهارت های میکروبلیدینگ خود را بهبود بخشند، مانند شکل دهی، تصحیح رنگ، اسپاین های مختلف، ویرایش عکس، سوشیال مدیا و همه پیشرفت هایی که باید از یک متخصص یاد بگیرید. The idea for this pattern arose from observing the natural hair growth, following their direction and combining all of the above with the ''twisted'' hairs. This is the particular technique of drawing eyebrows in such a way that the end result and drawn brows look more bushy and volumized. Wildbrows became very popular and recognizable in a short period of time and are nowadays a massive trend also known as bushy, fluffy, or Hollywood eyebrows, mainly found in the world of modelling.

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