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Time is TBD


Via Craft Master

PhiContour Online Training

PhiContour Basic Training is an online course with Master Shayli Garmehie of Phi Academy. PhiContour stands for training and products of the highest quality in the field of permanent makeup.

PhiContour Online Training
PhiContour Online Training

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Via Craft Master

About the Event

Phicontour basic training offered online and live classes by Phi academy master Shayli Garmehie.

PhiContour course is via CraftMaster application on both online or live training. Phicontour training has 12 levels on Craft Master. Once you complete all the levels you will receive a certificate and logo with the number recognized by phi academy and eligible worldwide.

Training includes:

- Craftmaster online support 6 months

- Phicontour starter kit

- PhiContour artist certificate and number (Received after completing 12 levels on Craftmaster)

- 4 additional FREE courses (Phi Skin expert, First class service, Hygiene course, GMC course)

Course overview:

- Introduction

- Hygiene

- Dermatology

- Contraindications

- Colors and their effect

- Handpiece guidance and needles

- Preparation and aftercare

- Lips

- Eyes

- Full shading lip technique

- Decorative eyeliner

- Working on latex lips

- Drawing on model lips

- Outline on model lips

- Shading on model lips

- Working on latex liners

- Drawing on the model liner

- Outline on the model liner

- Filling on the model liner

- Work on a live model

- Bottom eyeliner

- Stretching technique

- Everything about anesthetic

- Healing story

Phicontour starter set:

1x Flamingo pigment

1x fuchsia pigment

1x sand pigment

1x nude light pigment

1x nightly black pigment

4x drawing pencil

4x latex

2x skin candy aftercare balm (9pcs)

1x phi wipes block tonic

2x phi wipes aftercare

You have the option to get a kit with simplicity machines.

No Machine: $2400 CAD

Simplicity artist machine kit: $3300 CAD

Simplicity master machine kit: $3800 CAD

Phicontour stands for training and products of the highest quality in the field of eyeliner and lip shading permanent make up. The training is offered worldwide by Master Shayli Garmehie.

Branko Babic, the developer of the successful phi academy is striving to continue developing PhiContour brand which is well known now worldwide.

Permanent makeup is a kind of cosmetic tattoo. with the help of the finest needles, color pigments are implanted in the outer layer of the skin.

Phi academy progress levels:

Phi academy offers you to progress through different pieces of training:

- Phicontour artist

Obtained after finishing all levels on CraftMaster app and graduate

- Phicontour royal artist

Obtained possibly after 6 months of working as PhiContour artist. If your works are approved by your master you have the opportunity to become royal by sending 5 best of your works to the academy for approval.

- Phicontour master assistant

obtained possibly after working as a PhiContour royal artist for 6 months. You must practice in monitoring PhiContour artists and done 10 monitoring in order to gain your PhiContour monitoring certificate.

Master Assistant is an active and experienced Royal artist who assists craft masters in their training.


For online courses, we offer a full refund of your money if you change your mind BEFORE we make the content of the online course available for you on CraftMaster. Please note that once you purchase the course in full payment, receive your kit, and have access to the online resources on CraftMaster, you are no longer eligible for a refund. This applies to both our Online & In-person training programs.

For In-person courses, you will be eligible for a partial refund if and ONLY if you have not attended any of the 2 or 3 days of training. The partial refund includes half of the total payment for the course. When you register for the course, you pay a deposit of half of the total of the course to reserve your spot and kit, this amount is non-refundable!


  • Phicontour Starter kit

    Course price: $2400 No Machine

    Tax: +$312.00 Tax+$67.80 service fee
  • Phicontour Artist machine kit

    PhiContour Online Training with Simplicity artist machine kit: $3200

    Tax: +$416.00 Tax+$90.40 service fee
  • Phicontour Master Machine kit

    PhiContour Online Training With Simplicity master machine kit: $3800

    Tax: +$494.00 Tax+$107.35 service fee



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